Defender X MR

Defender X MR

The Defender X MR, to wake your inner child!

Known as the king of mud for a few years, the X MR version from Can-Am is proven successful in extreme conditions, the range of Defender side by side vehicle is no exception with its own extreme version of the X MR! Built for mud and water, many features elevate it to the top of the industry. Let us start with the elevated air intake to reduce the risks of the engine taking on water through its admission system.

The position of the clutch pulleys is higher for the same reasons. The tires are also extraordinary, 30 inches ITP cryptid, they have an aggressive profile for excellent traction on its favorite terrain. This type of vehicle usually works at low speeds, needing a lot of power at low revolution, nothing beats the HD10 of 1000cc, a monster at low speeds. And even with these exceptional characteristics, if the driver manages to get stuck, no problem, a repositioned winch with a capability of 4500lbs and a synthetic cable will get you out of your awkward position.

Where do you acquire this SSV? Without a doubt at Contant group with its six branches, experts in BRP recreational vehicles for over 50 years. They have a wide inventory of new vehicles, a huge showroom and will help make your dream come true. If the option of an almost new vehicle is a better option, come see our used models, one of them is waiting for you! All this with a smile and friendliness!

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