Outlander DPS

Outlander DPS

Innovation and simplicity with the Outlander DPS!

The Contant group, BRP dealership, is happy to inform you about the easy to use, practical, reliable and innovative all-terrain vehicle by the BRP manufacturer!

The Can-Am ATV Outlander DPS stands out with its powerful tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS). The word simplicity describes well its adaptation capability to many types of terrain. Its multifunction digital gauge, its water-resistant storage, its resistant multifunction mounts with exclusive quick-attach LinQ are all added to make your outings easier and more pleasant! The proven reputation of the CVT transmission combined to the Rotax 650, 850 or 1000R is a certain success. Offered in orange, it is coveted by many and we can offer it to you!

Once again, Contant will be your preferred merchant for your recreational pastimes! With no less than six branches in the Greater Montreal area, we can offer you plenty of parts, accessories and clothing! You will never have seen such a large inventory of new and used vehicles! Will you be the next to live the ultimate experience? Meet our salespeople and leave your head high with your new Can-Am. Contant, now six branches to better serve you.

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