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Choose the Sea-Doo life with Contant!

Watercrafts are the embodiment of the word recreational. A Sea-Doo is everything you need to have a life filled with adventures, thrills and liberty. Whether to escape, to spend quality time as a twosome, to practice your favorite water sport or to go fishing, these watercrafts will fulfill all your desires. The new Sea-Doo generation was built for life at sea.

They offer more space, more stability and easy access storage, without forgetting a high-end audio system. You can now lie down on the rear platform of your Sea-Doo, brave turbulent water, bring your snacks and listen to your favorite music. The Sea-Doo range developed by BRP is divided in six categories to help you target your needs.

1. Rec lite: the most affordable, compact, fuel economical and lightweight watercraft of the industry.

2. Recreation: these Sea-Doo watercrafts offer fun and agile handling. Capable of seating up to three people and a large storage space, these models are perfect for outings on the lake and long fun-filled family days.

3. Touring: they procure a summum of comfort, whether to get to remote destinations or simply to relax on the water for hours. This model provides the most space to live all kinds of adventure.

4. Sport Fishing: the Sea-Doo built to go fishing in any condition. From rivers, to lakes, to the sea, it’s a novelty in the industry.

5. Performance: built for power on the sea, the performance models are your allies to push your limits. Specifically built to maximise control in all situations and to create pure adrenaline.

6. Tow Sports: leave with a board, skis or an inflatable for hours of fun in the water.

Thanks to its features centered on water sports, you will never want to change your watercraft. Contant is your number one BRP dealership in the Greater Montreal. Offering the complete range of recreational vehicles, we have in inventory Can-Am ATV, SSV, Ryker, Spyder and Ski-Doo, everything to fulfill your needs. We now have six branches to better serve you. Located in Laval, Mirabel, Ste-Agathe, Vaudreuil. Beloeil and Montreal, we are always close by to cater to your needs.

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