Sea-doo spark

The Sea-Doo SPARK: incomparable fun!

Offered starting at only 7 344$, the Sea-Doo SPARK range, part of recreational models, will please you with the two or three seating configurations. You will have a choice of two engines such as the Rotax 900 ACE and the 900 ACE. For the complete experience, choose the SPARK that will offer better control thanks to its exclusive intelligent brake and reverse system.

This new BRP Sea-Doo model is built from an ultra lightweight and resistant material that will considerably reduce the weight of the watercraft. The color is injected directly into the material which makes it even more resistant to scratches than fiberglass. Choose your graphic kit to customize your SPARK to your taste and make it unique. The LinQ system allows you to quickly and securely attach your storage. The closed-loop cooling system offered on this model of Sea-Doo watercraft prevents debris and other residue from entering the engine.

Customize your own with the large inventory of available accessories for your new SPARK model. At Contant, BRP recreational vehicle dealership, we take pride in offering an outstanding and quality service. Come to one of our Contant branches in Laval, Mirabel, Vaudreuil, Ste-Agathe, Beloeil and Montreal and see our large inventory of BRP Sea-Doo watercrafts. Here you will find Can-Am ATV and SSV, Ryker, Spyder, Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercrafts, Honda, Kawasaki and KTM brands. Visit us for detailed information on the use of your recreational vehicle.

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