Ski-doo freeride

Ski-Doo’s deep-snow Freeride is waiting for you at Contant!

Are you a fan of long rides? Are you tired of classic snowmobile tracks? Are you looking for thrills? The Ski-Doo Freeride is made for you! Set yourself apart with this new and unique BRP snowmobile.

Fitted with a renowned engine, race-inspired suspension components and an exclusive look, BRP’s Freeride is a snowmobile in a class of its own. Owning a Freeride means racking up kilometers on the odometer, but in reality, these are usually ‘’air kilometers’’.

It is the best match for jump lovers. You can master powder snow or the air. It offers you the chance to explore the back-country and gives you access to exclusive views. It comes equipped with a REV Gen4 chassis, centralized mass, narrow structure and an impressive light weight.

These features assure you control at all times. You will find all the available vehicles in our dealerships and a team of passionate experts to help you. Do not hesitate in contacting us for more details.

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