Backcountry X-RS

Ski-doo backcontry X-RS

Forget your limits with the Backcountry X-RS

The Backcountry, offered with different track lengths (either 146 or 154 inches), will get you wherever you wish, whether in ultra-technical off-trail terrain or the most intimidating trails.

It is offered starting at only 17 974$, a competitive price for a competitive snowmobile. Equipped with a Rotax 850 E-TEC 2-stroke engine of now 165hp (10 more than the previous model), you will experience the power a Ski-Doo engine can offer. You will also benefit from the quick and easy starts with the Ski-Doo E-TEC technology, a system that lets you start your engine with the push of a button (the first start will be manually with the pull-start).

The Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS snowmobile comes with the cMotion rear suspension, a suspension for crossover vehicles which lets you slalom with agility and offers an excellent weight transfer. You will also have excellent shocks of professional caliber influenced by race standards. The running boards give you room to move, they are made for stand-up driving and are flatter, larger and stronger.

You will also have a 7.2’’ wide digital display with customizable display. Its lava red color will dazzle you and its protective panel wrap will keep your snowmobile looking show-room ready.

Visit one of our Contant branches, BRP dealership, to view all our BRP Ski-Doo snowmobile models. Contant has more than 200 employees to better serve you. What are you waiting for? Enter the large Contant Ski-Doo family, now with six branches: Mirabel, Laval, Beloeil, Ste-Agathe, Vaudreuil and Montreal.

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