MXZ Sport

Ski-doo MXZ Sport

The MXZ Sport: In its element

No need to be up to date with the latest technologies to be in the big leagues and the MXZ Sport is proof enough! Equipped with the older generation REV XP chassis which has been proving itself since 2008, it is light and well-tried. This snowmobile will give you sensations and a never beaten precision on the trails while its carbureted 600cc engine gives you great power and an easy maintenance beyond reproach because no complex electronical part is used in its assembly.

With this trail snowmobile, benefit from comfort in all circumstances thanks to the SC-5 rear suspension which allows you to adjust the shock absorber and the charges on the springs to adjust your Ski-Doo to your weight and style of riding. Same thing at the front with its dual-arm suspension for precision no matter the conditions. The dual-keel Pilot 5.7 skis are precise and smooth.

Contant Group, is the number one BRP dealership in the Greater Montreal area for over 50 years. Our experience with recreational vehicles is undeniable; we will be your best ally in the pursuit of your passion!

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