Expedition Sport

Ski-doo Expedition Sport

This sport-utility snowmobile is offered at a low price

Why change a winning formula? The Ski-Doo Expedition Sport is back again with an upgraded model! Built on the older REV-XP platform, proven since 2008, it promises the best out of this chassis.

The SC-5U rear suspension is an articulated rail to make easier reversing in deep snow but mostly to help during towing. The 16x154x1.5inches track that comes with this snowmobile is perfect to be used in all snow conditions.

Take advantage of the adjustment of the front skis which can enlarge the steering for better performance on trails or, to the contrary, narrow it for a more malleable snowmobile off-trail.

Thanks to the Expedition Sport’s rear seat with backrest and handgrips, the passenger will be as comfortable as the driver. Take advantage of the rear electronical reverse (RER) with a simple push of a button and the anti-theft key system (DESS).

You will find this amazing BRP model at your closest Contant recreational vehicle dealership. Located in Laval, Mirabel, Ste-Agathe, Vaudreuil, Beloeil and downtown Montreal, we are only a few minutes away to help you in fulfilling your passion for motorized vehicles!

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