Tundra Xtreme

Ski-doo Tundra Xtreme

Always go farther with the Tundra Xtreme

The BRP sport-utility snowmobile named Tundra Xtreme gives you access to exceptional flotation thanks to its REV-XU chassis, its side panels and its flat belly pan optimized for flotation.

The revolutionary 600 E-TEC 2-stroke engine with its direct injection offers fuel economy and low oil consumption. It starts easily with virtually no smoke or smell while being very powerful. It has a lightweight seat, very narrow at front with a low profile to ease the transition from one side to the other and a storage space of 3.2L at the seat base.

The SC-5U rear suspension and its articulated rail allows to maximize the traction in deep snow and ease reversing in locked mode. Also, thanks to the DS2 skis et its single keel, you will stay on the right track no matter the amount of snow and the distance to cover.

This Ski-Doo and all the other models are available at Contant. As a BRP dealership for over 50 years, we are the experts in the field, especially for Ski-Doo!

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